Friday, November 19, 2010

A Special Offer for Shelters and Rescue Organizations from No Voice Unheard

Dear Friend,

No Voice Unheard is pleased to announce that our book, One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter, is now in its fifth printing!

If you’re not familiar with the book, One at a Time brings the homeless animal tragedy vividly to life via a true account of seven days in a typical U.S. animal shelter. With compelling photos and moving vignettes, it chronicles the stories of 75 animals who passed through a northern California shelter during one week. Their gripping stories include excerpts from actual shelter records; the words of shelter workers, volunteers, and visitors; and the final conclusion of each animal's journey through the shelter system.

We are former animal shelter workers who are deeply committed to educating the public about the homeless animal issue.  We formed our non-profit organization, No Voice Unheard, to publish One at a Time after commercial publishers told us the book was too “realistic” to be marketable. Despite their predictions, the book has won awards and received tremendous praise, and we regularly hear from readers who have been moved to adopt from a shelter, and even volunteer, as a result of reading this book.

Hundreds of shelters and rescue groups use One at a Time in their own community outreach and education efforts, by …
  • Selling it as a fundraiser or including it in their merchandise line.
  • Giving it as a "thank you" gift to donors, volunteers, or staff members.
  • Giving copies to local elected officials, policy makers, and community leaders, to help explain the challenges of their work, or as part of campaigns to get ordiances passed
  • Using it as an orientation tool for new Board of Directors members or volunteers.
  • Giving it to their local newspaper to review, creating an opportunity to talk to the reporter about their work and the animals in their care.
  • Using it in humane education presentations and pet parenting classes.
  • Reviewing or covering it in an article in their newsletter, using the article as an opportunity to teach about the homeless animal issue.
  • Putting a copy in their lobby for the public to look at while waiting.
  • Including a copy of the book with adoptions.
  • Giving it as a door prize at events, or using it in a silent auction fundraiser.
  • Placing copies in local libraries; keeping copies in the shelter library.
One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter would also make a great holiday educational gift for supporters, donors, and volunteers.

We offer a 50% discount off the cover price of to all non-profits, rescues, animal control, and educational organizations, making your cost $8.47 per copy.
Please contact us for shipping rates or more information,
at or 831-440-9574.
We send you our deepest thanks for the work you do for the animals, and hope that One at a Time can help you in that work.

Marilee Geyer & Diane Leigh, co-authors

Show them why you’re veg!

Facing another season of holiday meals with non-veg friends, co-workers, and family?
Show them why you’re veg

No Voice Unheard 

Our beautiful book, Ninety-Five: Meeting America’s Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs, is filled with stunning photographs and fascinating stories of rescued farmed animals. It’s very inviting, presenting information about farmed animals in a non-threatening, easy-to-look-at format, and would make a great holiday gift to show people why you’ve chosen to go veg.

We offer a special package for gift-giving:
5 copies of the book at a very discounted price ($60).
Get a copy for your coffee table at home, one as a gift, and one for your office at work.
Click here for more info on our Giving Package.
Or you can order one copy for just $14.95.
If you are a sanctuary or non-profit, contact us about our non-profit discounts.

One of the things we wanted to do with this book is make it useful and accessible to show vegetarians and non-vegetarians the personalities of farmed animals. We also wanted to create a celebration of their lives and document their joys, quirks, sorrows, friendships and more. While the book has moments that are heart-wrenching, there are just as many moments of humor and joy. It is a book that can be shared with children, non-veg relatives, co-workers, and more. We believe this book has the power to change how people view farmed animals -- in fact, we've heard from new vegetarians who said this book was the reason they made the switch.

As a non-profit, our advertising and outreach budget is small. We very much want to get the faces and stories of these incredible animals in front of as many people as possible and rely on our readers to help us take our books out into the world. We’re looking for creative ways to reach out. If you are able to help us advocate for farmed animals, whether is it by forwarding this email, buying a copy of the book for your local library, mentioning it to your Facebook friends, or posting a review at an online retailer, we appreciate any and all help. Instead of waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to do your holiday shopping, consider supporting a non-profit, independent publisher and spread the message of compassion and respect for all animals.

Thanks for supporting us and the animals!
Diane, Marilee, Windi, and Davida
No Voice Unheard

Aubrey and Garnet (United Poultry Concerns)